Register early! All classes will be in person and have a max capacity limit to enable social distancing. Masks will be required for every student.

Teachers: Kevin Faraci & Melissa Blatherwick

Tuesdays 7:00 - 9:00 pm

November 3rd - December 15th (No class Tuesday, November 24th due to Thanksgiving)

Grades: High School - College 

Note: Both performances will be live over Zoom for family & friends to watch and will also be recorded for later viewing.


This class will explore the sometimes creatively quick process of a theatrical reading. Often, as plays are being workshopped and finalized, there are multiple readings where actors and directors are asked to let the creative team and even an audience hear the work so they can take notes and receive feedback. 

It’s a fun, faster process that lets performers get to the highlights of their characters without needing to spend time with complex staging, memorizing, and other full production aspects.

Instead of workshopping a piece, you’ll be reading a role in two already finished plays, each done in three nights; one to familiarize, one to fine-tune, and one to perform!!

Taught by local professional actors Kevin Faraci and Melissa Blatherwick, you can build a great experience for any audience with just your script and a music stand!


Play #1: Clue

The classic board game is brought to life in Clue! Six guests are invited to a dinner party thrown by an anonymous host. They are given aliases--Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, and Miss Scarlet. Though discouraged from revealing personal information, it is soon discovered that all of them have fallen victim to the same blackmailer, their very host of the evening. Each is presented with a weapon and an option: pay their extortionist double, or kill the innocent butler. What follows is a madcap, slapstick evening full of murder, mystery, and laughs as they seek to puzzle out the culprit amongst criminals.


Play #2: The Actor’s Nightmare

Having casually wandered onstage, George is informed that one of the actors, Eddie, has been in an auto accident and he must replace him immediately. Apparently, no one is sure of what play is being performed but George (costumed as Hamlet) seems to find himself in the middle of a scene from Private Lives, surrounded by such luminaries as Sarah Siddons, Dame Ellen Terry, and Henry Irving. As he fumbles through one missed cue after another the other actors shift to Hamlet, then a play by Samuel Beckett, and then a climactic scene from what might well be A Man for All Seasons—by which time the disconcerted George has lost all sense of contact with his fellow performers. Yet, in the closing moments of the play, he rises to the occasion and finally says the right lines, whereupon make-believe suddenly gives way to reality as the executioner’s axe (meant for Sir Thomas Moore) instead sends poor George to oblivion—denying him a well-earned curtain call.

Speed Read Theatre


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