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Creative Pursuits Studio is an educational and artistic space for students of all genres, skill levels and abilities.  It is a place for each individual to expand their horizons and reach their full artistic potential. Students will grow quickly while being exposed to workshops, classes and private lessons all centered on the student's individual needs.

Head Shots & Portraits

Shifted Focus Headshots


Melissa Blatherwick and Kevin Faraci make up the husband and wife team of Shifted Focus Photography. Shooting professionally since 2011, they have been able to photograph people and places all over the world and are happy to bring that experience to the Lancaster area where they were drawn in by their first passion, performing. Both Mel and Kevin hold degrees in Musical Theatre and you likely have seen one or both of them onstage at The Fulton Theatre, American Music Theatre, or other great venues around town. It was this love of performing that helped them start their photography careers photographing actors, singers, dancers, and models. “We know the industry from the inside and love connecting with fellow performers to give them fantastic photos to help propel their dreams.” Though they have experience with many different kinds of photography, photos for the performer i.e. headshots, dance, and modeling photos are their strong connection with the Creative Pursuits community. Check out their website for their portfolio and more information!

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